Nação Zumbi

Well, I have finally done it. I have checked off everything on my list. There were certain things that I wanted to do before leaving Brazil, and as of last night they are all done. It is a strange feeling not to have anything left that I have to do. Of course there are many places that I still want to visit (like the Pantanal), but there is no list to go by.
The List

Fernando de Noronha. Check

Lençóis Maranheses. Check

O Rappa Show. Check

Nação Zumbi Show. CHECK

And this was not just any show. It was at the Nascedouro de Peixinhos. It used to be an old slaughterhouse and has recently been renovated into a gorgeous cultural space. I participated in a dance workshop there a month ago and Sam painted graffiti there as part of a workshop for SPA--a street arts festival. It is in a neighborhood right next to a favela that is considered pretty dangerous, but apparently there is a lot of money coming into the neighborhood from foreign donors to work on the canals and rivers. (There are some photos of this neighborhood in our flicker page from a mutirão de graffiti that Sam participated in.)
It order to keep the place from turning into complete chaos they gave out free tickets the day before the show, something we found out when we arrived at the show. So there we are standing outside watching the opening DJ on a screen out on the street in front of the building and then Nação comes on stage. The whole time I am fuming about watching them on TV and trying to find some way to get in, someone with extra tickets, etc. Just as they start their first song a girl with an envelope runs by and a ticket falls out. She turned and ran back to get the ticket and then as she spun around to leave 6 more tickets flew out of the envelope. It took me about one beat to start moving and grab a ticket off the ground. My group of friends all got one and then we stood there for awhile waiting for her to come back. She didn't. AND WE GOT IN!
It was amazing--like seeing them in a small club or a private party. It wasn't crowded, we were really close to the front without touching other sweaty people, and the sound was amazing. I didn't think it would ever be possible to see a show like this with so few people, especially in Recife, and I am sure that there will never be another chance to see them like this again. Chico Science and Nação Zumbi were one of the first Brazilian bands I got into when I was here in 1999 (right after Chico died), along with Marcelo D2, Rappa, Lenine, etc, so it has been amazing to finally see them in concert. I almost saw Lenine last week, but we got there a little late, but Carnival is coming and the chance to see amazing music will be around for the next two months!
Tonight they are playing another free show at Marco Zero for about 20,000 people. I won't be going...
So, we made a decision. We are staying.