It started out slowly and has been getting worse and worse as time goes on.

I am now officially addicted to coffee. I blame Brazil. This is a coffee-infused country where the cafezinho is king. It all started when our friends stayed with us for awhile and brought the coffee filter--basically a little cloth bag and a funnel. The rest is history.

It started slow, coffee on the weekends or on days when we had a late start to the morning, but then it got more frequent. A thermos of coffee every morning, numerous mochaccinos mixed with espressos at work from the machine, iced coffee from the morning leftovers, little coffees at restaurants after lunch, little coffees at stores, little coffees in the grocery store. The cafezinho is everywhere.

I now NEED my cafezinho. I have never been an obsessive coffee drinker. I used to have coffee at weekend breakfast, but most of my caffeine came from tea (ahhh, the soy chai). I now love coffee. It is not a good morning without some coffee to start the day. I think it also has to do with my schedule. I do not teach in the mornings, so if I don't have a meeting, the morning is usually spent with coffee and the computer. Coffee has also become a food substitute. I have been working really long hours for the past couple of weeks to get ready for two conferences in the US. Editing video lends itself to staying holed up in the Digi-lab and only moving to get to the coffee machine in the hallway. I think I may have lost some weight due to the recent coffee diet, of course the brown teeth don't do any wonders. As the rainy season starts, the coffee intake goes up. I am beginning to sympathize with all those people in Seattle.

This is one habit I don't want to bring back with me. Can I trade US coffee for Brazilian fruit?